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Aussie Wine Group (AWG) is an Australian owned and operated family business that is dedicated to improving the quality of grapes being delivered to wineries. AWG designs and develops grape sorting systems that can be used and adapted to work in conjunction with any harvester, in any vineyard.
We are constantly developing the range to cater for any vineyard, reducing the matter other than grape (MOG) so a purer fruit is delivered. Our sorters are the cornerstone to a sustainable method of harvesting in the vineyard — MOG becomes organic matter at the time of harvest, saving it being carted and processed at the winery.

AWG is headed up by directors Malcolm Villis & Matt Sciancalepore. Malcolm has an engineering background and has worked in the wine industry over the last 25 years. Working for various international grape harvesting companies and running contract harvesting, in particular, has given him extensive knowledge and insights of the grape picking process. He could see the inefficiencies, the increasing costs, and quality concerns that were being experienced — hence the development of the infield sorters.

Matt Sciancalepore is Malcolm’s son in law and came on board in 2019 as a Director. Matt is a long term business owner and brings with him exceptional customer relations experience, management skills, and an analytical mind.

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We can supply a sorter for any harvester
in any vineyard