During Vintage 2021 we trialled the AWG infield berry sorter trailers at our Padthaway vineyard. We found the trailers to be easy to setup, easy to operate and the reduction in MOG, particularly from our older blocks, was at a desirable level. Not only was MOG waste reduced at the winery, we also saved time in the vineyard by way of not having to rake MOG out of loads throughout the pick.

Catherine Wotton Assistant Vineyard Manager, Treasury Wine Estates, SA

We’ve retrofitted the AWG infield sorter onto our existing harvester, which has stopped us having to make a massive outlay on a completely new machine – and the fruit we’re delivering to the winemakers is first class.

Troy Elliker Vineyard Manager, Gemtree Wines, SA

We can set the sorter at the start of the nights pick and know for certain when we arrive back the next morning, the sample will be clean and we won't be looking down the barrel of penalties from the winery.

Jeremy Kirlew Vineyard Manager for AustWine, Barossa Valley, SA

The infield sorter is much easier to use than first expected. The bins don’t get as full as they normally do, this prevents spillage and creates less bins being used overall. The cabin controls and camera monitor make it easy to use, so you don't have to turn around at all while using it. The lighting on the sorters help at night to ensure the correct amount is in the bin.

HaydenOperator of AWG infield sorter, SA

Using the AWG Infield Sorter has allowed us to lower the harvester fan speed, which has stopped the fruit maceration and minimises juice loss from the Harvester. This harvester setting change gives us zero MOG at the winery and increased weight in the bin at the Vineyard.

Tim Follet Owner Lake Breeze Wine, Langhorne Creek, SA

Josh WaechterGemtree Winemaker